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1. Beyond Awareness Introduction

Is it appropriate to talk about disability? Is there a way to respectfully talk about disability? What words do I use when talking about disability? How do I teach kids about disability? Why do I feel awkward when I talk about disability? Are there any good resources out there to teach me about disability? This show will serve educators, parents, and community members who strive to learn and/or teach about disability in a research-based and respectful way, moving beyond simple awareness, and diving into inclusive and socially responsive conversations.

In this introductory episode, Diana shares her personal journey and transformation that led her from conducting traditional disability awareness activities and events, to reframing disability awareness into a social justice movement. 


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Intro and outro music courtesy of Emmanuel Castro.

Podcast cover photo by Rachel Schlesinger Photography.

Podcast cover image description: Black and white photograph of Diana, a Spanish-American woman with long, wavy, brown hair. She is wearing a flowy, white blouse and smiles at camera as she leans against wooden building. Photo is colorfully framed with gold and orange rays of seeming sunshine on top half, and with solid sage green color on bottom half. Text reads "Beyond Awareness: Disability Awareness That Matters, Diana Pastora Carson, M.Ed."