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7. Educator Training, Experiences, & Growth - Emily Nusbaum, Ph.D.

Emily A. Nusbaum, Ph.D., is invested in supporting students labeled with disability and their families in accessing general education school contexts. She provides advocacy and support to families in Individual Education Plan and 504 Plan meetings, as well as other school-related contexts. She also provides consultation to create IEP and 504 Plans that reflect student capacity and that participation in general education contexts. Emily also works individually with students who have experienced educational trauma to support young people as they rebuild the sense of themselves as learners. She also provides 1:1 organizational and executive functioning support to students. Emily has extensive experience providing training and technical assistance to school teams and community organizations in the development of inclusive practices. Finally, she works as an expert witness on legal teams in litigation against school districts, related to Least Restrictive Environment and Free and Appropriate Public Education, as defined by federal law.

In this episode, Emily shares her foundational experiences of teaching in an inclusive setting, the work that she does to prepare incoming teachers for inclusive classrooms, and the importance of looking at disability from an intersectional lens. 


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